Can you help us?

From time to time people ask how they can help us. What does the DialogCentre need to do its work better?

1. Information

With the internet it has become possible to find large quantities of information about sects and their activities. Even so, the information is seldom complete. We need things that the internet cannot always provide.

First, primary source materials from the groups themselves. Such documentation is the most important kind of information there is. We need their primary materials if we are to maintain a current knowledge of their teachings and practices. By ourselves, we are not able to find and obtain all the books, brochures, videos, and other materials produced by the sects. If you have these materials, why not gift them to the DialogCentre?

Second, articles and advertising appear from time to time in newspapers and magazines which highlight various groups and their activities, campaigns and celebrity members. By taking a few moments to clip these and mail them to us, you will be helping us.

2. Money

Some years ago, a friend said “Life moves at the speed of money”. Fortunately, this is not true of all of life, but it certainly is true of our work. Every aspect of what we do costs something, and it is our policy that DialogCentre clients should not be charged for our services. This means that we depend on donations to continue. Every gift, however large or small, enables us to be there a little longer for someone who needs us.

For those who would like to make a single donation, it is possible of course to write a cheque to DialogCentre UK., and post it to

The Treasurer
DialogCentre UK
BM DialogCentre

Alternatively you may send an internet bank transfer to

DialogCentreUK Sort Code 60-01-01 Account No 96586419

but please inform us by e-mail ( so we can identify your gift and thank you properly.

If you wish to set up a Standing Order at your bank for a regular donation, click here to download a Bank Instruction form and post it to the Treasurer. We would be greatly encouraged by your commitment.

As a registered charity, we can receive Gift Aid gifts and reclaim the tax you have paid. Click here to download a Gift Aid form and post it to the Treasurer.

3. Opportunities

If you are part of a group of people who would be interested in learning more about the challenges of extremist authoritarian sects for our society, why not invite the DialogCentre to speak? The more people that are informed about the subject, the more effective we can be.