3. Someone I’m concerned about is a member. How can you help?

It is not unusual for family or close friends to call us when they become concerned about a loved one. The rapid changes of behaviour and beliefs that frequently accompany recruitment to most high-demand groups are at times startling and can be confusing or worrying to outsiders.

The most common questions we’re asked include:

  • “I’m concerned about someone who’s joined a certain Group. Is this group a cult?”
  • “How do I get them to leave the Group they’re in? Can you tell them to leave this Group? They won’t listen to me!”
  • “I used to be pretty close with the person I’m calling about, but now we end up arguing, and they’ve said they won’t talk to me anymore if I’m keep criticizing the Group. What should I do?”
  • “I’ve heard these Groups brainwash their members. How can they be un-brainwashed? Can they be deprogrammed?”
  • “If they do come out, is it too late to fix our relationship?”
  • “Can you explain why this Group does the things they do?”
  • “Is this Group just trying to get all this person’s money? I’ve heard about sexual exploitation in some Groups. And what about arranged marriages? Does this Group do any of that?”
  • “What did I do wrong?”

If someone you know has joined a Group and you are concerned about them, we invite you to discuss your concerns with us. Our contact details may be found at the bottom of the page.