Getting Clear: the 2015 all-star conference on Scientology

Last June 22-26, I attended a conference in Toronto Canada, called “Getting Clear”. Organized by Jon Atack and Dr. Jim Beverley, this was a week-long conference about Scientology. Besides the organizers, the presenters included some two dozen of the best known and most important critics of Scientology from the last fifty years. I heard even long-time experts in Scientology remark on the astonishing depth and range of the facts revealed about Scientology throughout the week.

At the time, I tweeted some observations and reactions, but I was unable to convey the personal impact and lasting significance of bringing together so much information and personal testimony from so many amazing people into one event.

As the organizers have written, “The goal of this event was to present accurate information about Scientology, and to provide a forum for learning, listening and healing.” Comments from attendees since June show that their goal was achieved many times over.

At considerable expense to the organizers, the 28 sessions were filmed in high definition. The result is a stunning audio-visual record of a landmark event in the history of studying and analysing Scientology’s doctrines, policies and practices, and the abuses to which they give rise.

From my perspective as someone who does not specialize in Scientology alone, a great deal of what was said regarding Scientology’s abuses of members and hostility to outsiders is mirrored in many other extremist authoritarian sects. This means that these recordings may benefit members and ex-members of abusive groups other than Scientology.

Today’s new is, these videos are now available! Jon Atack and Jim Beverley have just announced their availability at Tony Ortega’s website: The Underground Bunker.

They may be rented separately or as a set, or purchased. The announcement explains the pricing scheme (note that prices are in dollars):

“The sessions are available at Vimeo Pro for either individual or complete set rental for six months.

“Sessions range in price from $4 to $10 depending on length and topic. If bought separately the 28 episodes add up to more than $150, but the regular price for the whole set is $120.

“However, we want you to join us in celebrating the release of the Getting Clear films, so we are offering an initial sale price of $90 for the whole set. This discount price lasts for one week, until September 26.

“The initial sale price is for the whole set only. However, session 1 can be purchased separately at the regular price by going to this designated link, Session One, on Vimeo Pro.

“Individual sessions 2-28 will be released for rental over a four week period beginning on September 21.

“We hope to offer a Blu-ray video, in the not too distant future, with a discount for anyone who has rented the online videos.

“To take advantage of this time-limited offer to rent the whole set, use the promotion code GC90 at the Vimeo Pro site, Vimeo Pro.

“Click this link to head to Vimeo Pro to access clear, accurate and compassionate teaching that will relieve the suffering caused by cult membership and provide vital information on the world of Scientology.

Remember: the discount set price of $90 (28 sessions, almost 27 hours of video) will only last until September 26.”

Having been at the conference and talked with attendees afterwards, I can’t think of anything to add to that except, why not rent or buy some or all of the sessions? This really was the “Woodstock” of Scientology critique. You can still be a part of it.


One thing to add:  if you also want to contribute to the cost of putting on this conference, please see:  Getting Clear Donations.