5. I am looking for more information. How can you help?

Sometimes we are asked by journalists, students and other researchers, “I am looking for more information about some of these controversial, high-demand groups and teachings that I’ve heard and read about. How can you help?” Most often, such people will also ask us one or more of these questions: 

  • “Is someone from your organization available for me to interview?”
  • “How do I arrange to look through your files?”
  • “May I borrow materials?”
  • “Will you arrange for me to interview ex-members and the families of
  • members and ex-members?”
  • We aim to aid research wherever possible. Within the limits of our resources and time, and most of all the limits imposed by our need to protect the confidentiality of those who come to us, we will do what we can to provide information and to help enquirers to find other research resources. We are unable to loan materials but under appropriate circumstances we can arrange viewing of materials. 

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us. Our contact details may be found at the bottom of the page.