Can We Help You?

The DialogCentre UK offers information, understanding and help about high-demand religious or political groups and the effects of involvement with them. Whether you want information about your own or someone else’s group, feel you need expert help, or just want to tell someone your story, contact us. Our contact details are on the bottom of this page.

This website is part of the service provided by the DialogCentre UK. The pages that follow include descriptions of our work, present information concerning the nature of belief and belonging, and offer practical guidance. Please follow one of the links below to decide how we can help you.

The people who come to us include members and ex-members of high-demand groups and their relatives and friends. We also receive enquiries from researchers, youth groups, schools, church groups, health care professionals, and others who want to discuss matters of authority, trust and commitment in modern life.

  1. I am a member. How can you help?
  2. I am an ex-member. How can you help?
  3. Someone I’m concerned about is a member. How can you help?
  4. Someone I’m concerned about is an ex-member. How can you help?
  5. I am looking for more information. How can you help?
  6. I want to arrange a talk or other presentation for my group. How can you help?